Russia hits Kyiv with heavy missile attack


Ukraine’s president and foreign minister have both condemned the overnight air- and missile strikes, and called for more military assistance from partner countries.

“Another attack by Russian savages. Almost a hundred missiles of various types. At least 70 missiles were shot down. Nearly 60 of them were intercepted in the Kyiv area,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wrote on social media in English, along with an accompanying video in Ukrainian.

“Patriot, IRIS-T, and NASAMS — each of these systems has already saved hundreds of lives,” he said, referring to more advanced air defense systems donated to Ukraine by NATO members or other allies.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Russia’s “terror” against Ukraine was continuing with attacks on civilians and critical infrastructure.

“Putin escalates terror against Ukraine. Today was already the second mass missile strike in just four days. Civilian infrastructure has been damaged; people, including children, have been injured and killed,” he wrote.

Kuleba called on the international community to take several steps in response, expedite air defense deliveries to Ukraine, provide Kyiv with drones “of all types,” provide long-range 300-kilometer-plus missiles to Ukraine, approve the use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine, and “isolate Russian diplomats in relevant capitals and international organizations.”


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